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Assemble the right confirmation program for your church

Buildable options for one-year to four-year programs that fit your church’s program and budget.

Whatever your confirmation timeline and needs, you can select and combine courses to create an instruction series that helps students learn about and connect with God’s Word.

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CPH Confirmation Curriculum Guides

Flexible course options. Solid content.

Whatever combination of courses you choose, your students will learn and confirm the faith as they connect God’s Word to their lives—during confirmation and beyond.

Build my church’s program

60 Lesson Catechism Study
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60-Lesson Catechism Study

Our most extensive study of the 2017 edition provides up to two years of instruction.

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30 Lesson Catechism Study
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30-Lesson Catechism Study

A thorough one-year review of the 2017 edition.

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30-Lesson Bible Overview

Whether well-versed or new to God's Word, the Bible Overview will help students understand the truth of God’s Word in the context of His great plan of salvation.

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30-Lesson Apologetics

The new Apologetics course will help students grasp the timeless truth of God's Word in relationship to opposing worldviews and religions. Use as part of your confirmation instruction or as a post-confirmation youth study.

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Helpful Color-Coded Teacher Notes

Organized by color for easy scanning, these notes point to specific areas on the student guide so teachers see what the students see and are able to easily ask additional questions, explain difficult concepts, or implement extra activities.

Tan: Specific additional assessments
Blue: Extra activities or questions
Green: Educational tips and directions for specific activities
Gold: Explanations of theological concepts or background for the teacher

All your confirmation options. All in one place.

Whether you're looking to teach younger or older students, need a curriculum that ties in with the 2017 or 1991 Small Catechism edition, or want to supplement your current curriculum, we’re here to support your ministry needs.

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