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A New Lutheran Religion Curriculum

Standards-based, flexible, and aligned lessons that keep every student in your school on the same page!

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Schools walk together in the faith as students across all grades learn from the same overarching biblical accounts each week.



Flexible lesson plans help you customize each lesson with Lesson Support, Lesson Extenders, and Unit Extenders.


Students & Families

Go beyond the classroom with digital resources to help students and families connect with God’s Word at home.

Teacher Guide Lessons 51 Sample Page


  • Each lesson balances biblical learning and faith application over two sessions.
  • Extenders for lessons and units provide options for customization and flexibility.
  • Lessons align with Lutheran religion standards for a long-term approach to spiritual development.
  • Teacher guides have a similar format and focus on the same overarching scope and sequence for all levels.

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Student Guide Lessons 51: Jesus Shows His Glory Sample Page




  • Lessons include new, colorful, and engaging illustrations for each Bible account.
  • Students start each lesson with the Bible account and wrap up with activities to apply faith learning and take Scripture to heart.
  • Sticker pads also available for Preschool-Grade 1

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DIGITAL Resources

for Teacher and Students

Digital tools support and complement classroom lessons, including unit overview videos, devotions, memory words, and checks for understanding.

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Early Childhood

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  • Each lesson emphasizes biblical learning and faith application over two sessions

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Educators throughout The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod collaborated to develop religion standards that inform, equip, and bless and to ensure lifelong growing and understanding of Christian identity and calling.


Biblical Literacy

Biblical Literacy

Students grow closer to Christ, their Savior, as they understand the overarching narrative of Scripture and principles of biblical interpretation.

Lutheran Doctrine

Lutheran Doctrine

Students develop Lutheran identity as they learn the core teachings found in the Small Catechism.

Christian Heritage

Christian Heritage

Students understand their unique role in the Church’s story as they learn Church history and recognize key distinctions between different beliefs.

Worship Life

Worship Life

Students build habits for a healthy worship life as they understand the elements of corporate worship and individual prayer.

Works of Love

Works of Love

Students develop Christian character that is rooted in service to neighbor in their congregations, in their households, and in society at large.

Confessing the Faith

Confessing the Faith

Students are eager to share Christ with others and able to examine their beliefs in relationship to different truth claims.

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Cover the course of the Bible every school year with 70 lessons organized in 8 units.

Scope & Sequence

Here are some samples to give you a preview.

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