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Timeless Truth

An Essential Guide for Teaching the Faith

Give your students a solid faith foundation for life. This guide provides you the tools you need to help students and their parents embrace confirmation as part of their lifelong identity as children of God.

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Timeless Truth Cover on Tablet

A Framework for Spiraling around the Timeless Truths of the Faith

Each element of the Catechism will unfold more and more as your students view it and experience it from different angles.

Think of a timeless truth from the catechism as a statue in a museum gallery. Your first vision of the statue is in an important one, but that’s not the only way to view it. You can step closer, view it from a different angle, and back up to see it from farther away. Changing your perspective can only deepen your appreciation and understanding of it—and the same applies to how we view the catechism.

These five angles provide a well-rounded way of looking at the catechism to encourage lifelong learning and deep thinking.

Timeless Truth Five Angles Diagram

Key Questions that Answer Life’s Big Questions

These four questions get to the heart of Scripture, helping students uncover their place in God’s salvation story.

Equipped with these questions, students are free to dig into any part of God’s Word, giving them a purpose behind their learning.

As students grow and mature in their faith, these questions still apply—the timeless truths will speak in different ways. God’s Word doesn’t change; it speaks, encouraging a lifelong study of Scripture.

Timeless Truth Key Questions

A Rubric to Gauge Student Understanding

As you help students learn and confirm the timeless truths of God’s Word, use this broad rubric to check for understanding along the way.


The tools you need to teach the faith.

Confirmation is just one milestone in a lifelong faith journey—so help your students embrace their identity as children of God.

Give students a solid faith foundation
Timeless Truth Cover on Tablet