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God's Word gives life.That's the key.

Timeless truth is for confirmation, and beyond.

As a teacher, you are integral to preparing students for confirmation. But how confident are you when it comes to catechesis?

Whether you have taught for years, or could benefit from added confidence, Timeless Truth is a succinct, quick read that will refresh your desire for helping students learn and confirm the faith.

Featuring current educational research, best practices, and the things he wishes he would have known in the parish, pastor and educator Pete Jurchen uncovers why confirming the faith matters so much—and offers strategies for designing lessons around the big ideas of the faith.

Timeless Truth provides a practical approach for preparing students for confirmation and lays the framework for the new Confirmation Instruction Series, coming this Summer.

We're providing Timeless Truth as a free ebook along with a free discussion guide. Read it, discuss it with your colleagues, and tell us what you think. 

Get the free ebook immediately. Your free discussion guide will be emailed to you.

New Confirmation Instruction Series

Whether in the classroom or in partnership with the pastor, 
prepare students for confirmation with this fully-adaptable instruction series. 

Release Schedule

Summer 2018

Connect head and heart knowledge with a Small Catechism review.

60-Lesson Catechism Study

Provides an extensive two-year study of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation, 2017 edition.

30-Lesson Catechism Study

Offers a thorough one-year study of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation, 2017 edition.

Summer 2019

Bookend confirmation instruction with these two courses. 

30-Lesson Bible Overview 

Provides a foundation for students less familiar with the Bible, or strengthens students' existing biblical knowledge. 

30-Lesson Apologetics Course 

Helps students speak confidently about their beliefs when confronted with diverse viewpoints.

About the author 


Pete Jurchen

Pete Jurchen is an editor of curriculum resources at
Concordia Publishing House. In addition to his MDiv,
he has an MS Ed in curriculum leadership and enjoys
the pursuit of lifelong learning. He is honored to
serve the congregations of the LCMS by equipping
and partnering with its households in engaging their
God-given vocations. He lives in Imperial, Missouri, with his
wife, Deb, and their four children.