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Easy for teachers. Engaging for students.

Lessons follow the same four-part structure across all age levels, while age-appropriate activities vary based on the level.

Download Samples

Leader Guides

Leader Guides give suggestions on lesson prep, options for activities, and insight on applying the lessons to everyday life. Lessons are nested, so you can separate out only the lessons you need. This makes it easy to split up materials among several teachers.

Your purchase also includes a free digital version of the Leader Guide. Digital leader guides can be accessed for 1 year from purchase date.

Download Sample Leader Materials 

Student Guides

Discover Leaflets
(Preschool–Grade 1)

Interactive coloring and drawing activities encourage coordination while helping students process and internalize the teachings. A take-home devotional sheet helps parents review and reinforce the lesson at home.

Explore Bible Guidebooks
(Grades 1–6)

Colorful images draw in students to help them see Bible characters as real people and connect the Bible narrative to their lives.

Defend Journals
(Grades 6–12)

Thought-provoking questions encourage critical-thinking skills while helping students understand what happened in the Bible narrative, how they would explain it to a non-Christian, and what it means for them individually.

Study Guides
(Post-High School)

Discussion questions for each section of the Bible narrative encourage group reading and foster group conversations to build community among members. Reflection questions help students apply the passage to their daily lives.

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