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Align your whole church’s Bible learning

children's ministry kit

Children’s Ministry Curriculum

$79.99 (Includes Print + Digital)

Each of the seven lessons in the Director Guide includes Lesson Extenders for use in Sunday School. The ministry kit also includes a downloadable youth Bible study to guide your youth through the lessons, which emphasize Christ’s overflowing grace.


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Preaching & Worship Cover

Preaching & Worship Series

$38.99 Digital Download

Align your worship services with God’s Living Water. The downloadable preaching and worship materials include sermons, children’s messages, bulletin blurbs, newsletter announcements, adult Bible studies, and videos for all seven lessons to engage all ages with the Living Water, Jesus. 


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Adult devotional cover

God’s Living Water Devotional

$7.99 each

Seven weeks of devotions explore the places God uses water in His salvation plan. Each week of devotions covers an Old Testament historical book, a psalm, a prophecy, a Gospel, and an epistle to show connections to the central theme of those accounts.


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Youth devotional cover

God’s Living Water for Youth

$6.99 each

Using more relatable language for your youth, this devotional teaches lessons from the seven biblical accounts using other parts of Scripture. Youth will dive into the history, prophecy, beauty, and grace of God’s Word in ways that connect timeless truth to their lives today.


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Children's book cover

God’s Living Water for Kids

$3.49 each

Chronologically follow seven biblical accounts that show the overflowing love and gifts we receive from God through Jesus. Introduce children to the narrative of Scripture and themes of faith, love, and forgiveness.



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